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Nancy the Lady Boss Surprise for Sims Adddicted Members!!! Sa Country Club And Retreat!!!


After reading the letter that loto-me wrote one day when our mail was down it did give me another ideal for each of you to have a place to go and have your withdraws from the mail but to feel like we are all together still. So the SimsAddicted Retreat was born. I asked for volunteers and they came so I want to thank them for their work and they are Tami (atongirl), Norma, Carolyn, Debbie, Tugger, Ann, Lana, Lise, Nancy S., Lou, Tammy, Kornelia and Mariana! I esp want to thank Mariana and Kornelia for putting these things on their site and making it where yall can come and get your things for your community. And one last person I want to thank is Loto-Me for when I asked her about what she wrote she thought oh boy what did I do! But when I told her what her email way back then did about giving me this ideal she was so please and rewrote it for me for yall to be our intro to our new site. So please enjoy and also take a sec and sign the guestbook to let all these great people know thank you.... I also want to ask if you do make anything for this community please email it to Mariana at this email Enjoy and play nice!! Nancy Founder of SimsAddicted Egroup


Does everyone remember a few weeks back when Yahoo was down?  How we missed each other desperately? How we actually ached to get in touch with each other so that real life wouldn’t catch up with us?  How we went back and forth doing the “test test test” with our emails and posts just to know that we were still in touch with each other, and to our dismay we discovered that we were still worlds apart from each other?  We all barely survived that Yahoo episode then, but guess what?!!  Our lady boss, Nancy (who is always there watching over her members) saw what we were going through, she saw our misery and didn’t like to see her “brood” in such pain.  As a result, we now have a new community to go to when Yahoo decides to play games with us.  No more pacing back and forth looking at our computers  in disgust, no more playing with our Simmies out of need instead of out of want!  Now when Yahoo wants to play games with us and steal our emails and our posts, we can all  stick out our tongues, give it a big raspberry, and tell yahoo “na na na na boo boo”  You don’t wanna play nice? Well then I’m going to our new community to play!”  Signed Loboto-Me


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